March 4
From the Practitioners at The Lotus Wings Building...

Plant The Seeds Of Joy And Let Them Sprout!

New clinic door
All Covid 19 guidelines are being met.
All visitors must have booked appointments with their practitioners. At this point in time we are not allowed walk ins. Anyone entering the building must wear a mask and wash their hands immediately upon entry.
All in-building group activities are cancelled for the month February-two events have moved to a virtual format. Some of our practitioners have had to restructure their practice to stay within the Covid guidelines...be sure to connect with them before coming for your appointment.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy,

Lanark County Interval House Fundraiser

Krista Marks-Cleroux, RMT at The Lotus Wings Building in Perth, Ontario is hosting a Lanark County Interval House Fundraiser from February 16th to March 8th. You can donate online at Canada Helps or www.lcih.org. Make a monetary, etransfers or wish list item donation via your RMT at the time of your appointment!
Current Interval House Wish List Items: large, plus sizes women’s pajamas, children’s pajamas or
Gift Cards for: groceries, gas, local coffee shop/restaurant, box, and department stores.

Reiki Shares...

We have three Reiki Shares for March.
Suzanne will host the Frontline Workers share on the 14th....see below.
And, Denise will host a virtual share on the 9th...and an in person share on the 16th(Covid restrictions in place) for more information visit here
Reiki share photo

2020/2021Enhanced Flu Kits

2020/2021Enhanced Flu Kits are available now! In these challenging times it is critical to take steps to boost your immune system. The Blackmore Wellness Enhanced Flu kit contains 5 components carefully selected to do just that. The kits contain remedies to last from September through April.

Call Mary Blackmore at (613) 777-8869 or email at mary@blackmorewellnesshomeopathy.com for more details.
Contact Suzanne Croteau-McLaren for a zoom link scroteau15@msn.com
Monthly Reiki Share - March 14, 2021
Phone or Text Denise 613-913-2803
for an appointment.

Richard Ravenhawke has 36 yrs. experience as a psychic and spiritual guide. Richard was the psychic for the Lava Life Network for 3 years on all 25 of their major markets North American wide. Richard will give you a reading without the use of any tools. He will simply hold an object (an art called psychometry) and will literally tell you all about your life. Richard is affiliated with, and a member of the AMORC Rosicrucian Order. Richard says “I will tell you about your past and/or present first. If it is not accurate enough, then you will not be charged. If I can’t tell you that, then how can I tell you your future?” Richard will ask you NO QUESTIONS for leading information while performing his reading. For more information

Richard Ravenhawke
Phone or Text Denise 613-913-2803
for an appointment.

Friday April 23rd from 10am to 6pm
Saturday April 24th from 9am to 6pm
Sunday April 25th from 9am to noon.

Mr. Ken Montizambert is a Quebec licensed Osteopath and Naturopath trained in the field of osteopathy, naturopathy and homeopathic remedies. He practices at his clinic, Tri-Med clinic, 69 Boul Saint-Jean, Pointe-Claire, Quebec using electro-dermal screening, osteopathy, naturopathy and homeopathy. To book an appointment call or text Denise 613-913-2803. Initial appointment $95, a follow up $75. Remedy purchases are available.


Koolz Vapes is open for in-store shopping.