All of The Lotus Wings Practitioners are BACK!!.

All Covid 19 guidelines are being met.

New clinic door
Lotus Wings is open!!
All visitors must have booked appointments with their practitioners. At this point in time we are not allowed walk ins. Anyone entering the building must wear a mask and wash their hands immediately upon entry.
All group activities require a prebooking. Anyone attending the group event must still wear a mask and wash their hands upon entry to the building. We have three Reiki Shares this month and will be hosting a Singing Bowls Sound Session....remember to reserve your spot before coming.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy,

Reiki Share are Back...

All Covid 19 restrictions will be in place. Only 5 attendees are allowed at this time so please connect with Share Host to reserve a spot.

Suzanne - September 7th - 819-790-1058
Moe - September 9th - 613-267-8321
Denise - September 15th - 613-913-2803
This Reiki Share will follow the format of the successful July share.... social distancing with masks. The share will be a group of 5 or less, sitting in chairs about 6 feet apart. The Share will begin at 7pm with a group meditation that anyone can join. Next, the group will send to one individual at a time from their chair....it will be similar to the receiving person being on a massage table. We will rotate through the group until everyone present has received a session. It will be a slightly different opportunity to experience and practice Reiki.
There is no charge for the share, but, you may make a free will offering with proceeds to the Children's Make a Wish Foundation.
Reiki share photo

2020/2021Enhanced Flu Kits

2020/2021Enhanced Flu Kits are available now! In these challenging times it is critical to take steps to boost your immune system. The Blackmore Wellness Enhanced Flu kit contains 5 components carefully selected to do just that. The kits contain remedies to last from September through April.

Call Mary Blackmore at (613) 777-8869 or email at mary@blackmorewellnesshomeopathy.com for more details.

Holy Fire Reiki Now Available with Suzanne Croteau

Suzanne received the HOLY FIRE REIKI master designation in early August 2020.
This is a new form of Reiki built on the principles of Usui Reiki but deals with modern day ailments.
The greatest gift Suzanne has received, apart from a more powerful Reiki energy, is the deep, refined feelings of love and acceptance.

For more information or to book a session, contact Suzanne at 819-790-1058 or scroteau15@msn.com
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Singing Bowl Sound Session with
Laurie Lynn Clark
September 30th from 7pm to 8pm

Deepen the relaxation response with Native Flute and Quartz Singing Bowl Sound Attunements (Laurielynnclark.com)
* 1 hour Group Session/ Maximum 5 persons per group/ $25 per person. More information

photo of crystal bowls