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As we move back into our public life, self care will become even more important. All practitioners are back!!!!! We welcome your calls, we have missed your presence and can't wait to reconnect.
Stay Safe, Stay Healthy,

Reiki Share...

We have two Reiki Shares for September. Suzanne will host a virtual share on September 12. Cindy will host an in person Reiki Share on the September 21st. Check here for details.


Ken is Back...

Mr. Ken Montizambert is a Quebec licensed Osteopath and Naturopath trained in the field of osteopathy, naturopathy and homeopathic remedies. He practices at his clinic, Tri-Med clinic, 69 Boul Saint-Jean, Pointe-Claire, Quebec using electro-dermal screening, osteopathy, naturopathy and homeopathy. To book an appointment call or text Denise 613-913-2803. Initial appointment $95, a follow up $75. Remedy purchases are available.

September Specials

YES......We are Back!!!!! ....AND EXCITED!!!

From Mary Blackmore of Blackmore Wellness

Mary can be reached at (613) 777-8869 or via email
at mary@blackmorewellnesshomeopathy.com.
Visit her website: www.blackmorewellnesshomeopathy.com for more information.
New Flu Kit 2021

From Suzanne Croteau of Pinegrove Reiki

Suzanne can be reached at (819) 790-1058 or via email
at suzanne@pinegrovereiki.biz
Visit her website: www.pinegrovereiki.biz for more information.
2-Master - Sept 4-5, 2021 (1)

Denise Carpenter of Reiki Associates

The Building Foundational Integrity Package is designed to support those moving to a more integrated vibrational structure. This package works with and supports your individual matrix pathways as you create an increased and stable capacity to channel the higher frequencies. Each of the ten sessions in this package is designed to support your chakra system as it clears, realigns and evolves. It will be uniquely tailored to your specific needs.
The package, Building Foundational Integrity, also works with and supports your energy pathways as the chakras build capacity to channel the higher frequencies.
Cost per package (10 treatments) $678.00
To connect with Denise: email reikiassociates@gmail.com
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