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August Events

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Reiki Share...

We have a Reiki Share for August.
Cindy McPherson will host a share on
August 16th. Check here for details.

Offerings from Veronica Moore...

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August Announcements

Welcome To Our New Practitioners

Studio One ...Lindsay Collis.
Lindsay is continuing the work and care of Ken Montizambert... Integrating CEDS (computerized electro dermal screening) manual therapies and natural medicines with nutrition and nutritional support. Manual Techniques including Advanced Therapeutic Reflexology and Kinesthetics (feet, hands, face and body), Cranial Sacral Therapy and Therapeutic Touch.
To connect with Lindsay 613-206-1376

Jacqueline Anne Clinkard...
Born of a Life Long inner calling to be a guiding benefit to others & to animals. Jacqueline has reassessed both her personal and professional life a number of times as she believes we all do on this journey of our lives. Hardships can follow us through some of these times but I believe these define the path that we choose. Jacqueline’s journey, career has transformed from nursing to business owner to mindful living coach to natural health consultant. She had had the honour of being a Tibetan Reiki Master for many years until her path lead her to Jikiden Reiki. Read More
To contact jac.reiki@gmail.com

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Jacqueline Clinkard

August Specials

Summer Allergies Ad

Booking for the 2022/2023 Flu Kit.

Protocol begins in SEPTEMBER!
Call Mary to reserve your kit.
8-Monthly Events Poster - Aug 2022
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