Looking Forward...to the Promises of Spring

International Women's Day, St Patrick's Day, First Day of Spring....It is time to step out and celebrate. The goal of 2022 is Radical Self Care...we can help!

March Events

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Reiki Share...

We have two Reiki Shares for March.
Denise Carpenter will host a share on
March 15th. Suzanne Croteau will host a share on March 20th.
Check here for details.

March Announcements

Momentous Reiki Introduces Animal Reiki Sessions

Monique is super excited to announce the introduction of Animal Reiki into her practice. She has successfully completed her Animal Reiki Training with Christine Noble Seller, Reiki Master Teacher, Animal Reiki Educator & Practitioner.
The sessions can be booked for in-person or distant Reiki. Prices and packages or more information is available at available on her website www.momentousreiki.ca or email Moe at momentousreiki@gmail.com

Animal Reiki sessions now available. Check out my website for details. www.momentousreiki.ca (1)

A Tool for Staying Present

A new beginning for 2022...
Your Life, Your Way...
Denise has just completed a Life Transformed Coaching Course with Rikka Zimmerman (Global Consciousness Leader and Speaker, for more information about Rikka).
A new Reiki Package has emerged with this training. This package uses Reiki to introduce six conscious awareness concepts into your personal energy field. Your self care is enhanced, your awareness of your own self talk empowered and your ability to connect with your Higher Self is strengthened. This new package will consist of six sessions. For more information, visit the website or email Denise at reikiassociates@gmail.com

March Specials

It's Time poster (1)
3 - Reiki Training - March. 2022
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