Looking Forward...to the Promises of Spring

It is time.... The goal of 2022 is Radical Self Care...we can help!

April Events

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Reiki Share...

We have one Reiki Shares for April.
Cindy McPherson will host a share on
April 19th.
Check here for details.

April Announcements

Lotus Wings Massage Therapy Fee Schedule Effective May 2022

Lotus Wings Massage Therapy Fee Schedule Effective May 2022
45 minutes: $75.00
60 minutes: $90.00
90 minutes: $105.00
To contact Krista, phone 613-812-3385 or email KMCRMT@hotmail.com

Krista Marks-Cleroux

Sessions with Irita Vanaga, DHom, ND April 23rd and 24th

As as graduate of Montreal Institute of Classical Homeopathy, Irita truly believes, that “Health is not simply the absence of disease. It is a true state of physical and mental equilibrium ". Hildegarde von Bingen
Irita Vanaga
In addition, she has apprenticed with Mr Ken Montizambert to learn the Electrodermal Screening technique. Electrodermal Screening is a tool she uses, where acupuncture points correlate closely to our body's function, representing organ systems and the body's ability to maintain the equilibrium or state of excess causing inflammation or state of degeneration causing organ malfunction. Irita works with each individual diligently and narrowly individualizing treatment to one's particular needs. She am truly passionate about the work she does. Irita is driven by helping clients to feel better and reach optimal health goals. The success stories motivate her, challenging cases give her an opportunity for professional growth to expand."If you would like an appointment, connect with Irita 514-994-4226 or email irita.vanaga.homeo@gmail.com

April Specials

Spring Specials From Reiki Associates!

The goal of 2022 is to step into 2022 with the spirit of Radical Self Care.

Let us approach this transformation time with an attitude of Radical Self Care....As we choose self care for ourselves, we build our capacity to bring focused care to everyone and everything surrounding us. To support your growth toward Radical Self Care, we are offering $100.00 off the package Moving Into Wholeness and Building Foundational Integrity.
Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen,
To contact Denise reikiassociates@gmail.com
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