Services That Are Currently Available From Our Practitioners.....we hope to be fully functional by the end of May.

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Lotus Wings will be closed starting March 25th in order to follow the Covid-19 guidelines for social distancing.

The Practitioners at The Lotus Wings Building have reinvented their session and treatment formats for best practices. This newsletter lists their revisions. Please contact Suzanne, Krista, Cal and Sheryl directly for more information about their practice.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy,

Practitioners Offering Remote Services


In light of the implementation of social distancing, I will be offering long distance Quantum Touch.

Quantum Touch is an energy work that puts you in a state of homeostasis (balance & relaxation) allowing the body to tend to areas of need for healing.

How it works is we would set up a time and you would find a comfortable place to sit or lie down. I would work with the energy at my end and you would focus in on your body, tuning into the sensations you will be feeling. The treatment lasts between 45 to 60 minutes depending on when the energy flow stops. The cost is the same as an office visit, $65.
This modality is very helpful to relieve the anxiety that people may be feeling during this time.

If you’re interested in trying some long distance Quantum Touch, you can reach me at 613-791-6634 or email me at margaret@symmetrycentre.ca

Thanks, Margaret
margaret smith


Blackmore Wellness will be providing remote consultations via telephone, Skype, WhatsApp or any mutually agreeable tool during this period of self-isolation. Please contact Mary @ (613) 777-8869 to arrange for a consultation....and yes I can help you boost your immune system.

Mary Paterson Blackmore, HOM, DCHM (Hons.)

Registered Homeopath
Tel: (613) 777-8869
Website: www.blackmorewellnesshomeopathy.com

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The pressures of living in our modern world bring constant physical and emotional stress. Reiki, an energy medicine, restores your natural ability to move toward peace and well being. Helping you to live in harmony and balance with your world.

Reiki is a proven method for releasing physical and emotional stress. After a Reiki session, many people feel nurtured, calm and relaxed. It is a natural way to connect with oneself.

Reiki Sessions are equally effective when done as a Distance Sending or Remote Session.

Denise has created a new You Tube Channel specifically to help people experience a Reiki Sending through a Guided Meditation. Visit the channel here to view and if you choose, please like and subscribe!

Visit: reikiassociates.com/

Practitioners hopefully reopen by the end of May ….. contact them directly

The following Practitioners have closed for the time being.... please stay tuned for their reopening.
Krista Marks-Cleroux with massage...….613-812-3385
Suzanne Croteau of Pinegrove Reiki.....819-790-1058 or scroteau15@msn.com
Sheryl Deyo from a Touch of Sparkle.....613-331-4096 or www.atouchofsparkle.ca
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Cal and Mike

Follow Koolz Vapes and Gifts Facebook page for updates, closed until further notice."