All of The Lotus Wings Practitioners are BACK!!.

All Covid 19 guidelines are being met.

New clinic door
Lotus Wings is open!! All visitors must have booked appointments with their practitioners. At this point in time we are not allowed walk ins. Anyone entering the building must wear a mask and wash their hands immediately upon entry. All group activities require a prebooking. We have three events this month...two Reiki Shares and a Singing Bowls Sound Session....and remember to reserve your spot before coming...we are restricted to groups of 5 people only.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy,

Reiki Share are Back...

All Covid 19 restrictions will be in place. Only 5 attendees are allowed at this time so please connect with Share Host to reserve a spot.

Suzanne - July 6th - 819-790-1058
Denise - July 21st - 613-913-2803
A Reiki Share is an opportunity to experience and practice Reiki. It is open to everyone with Reiki training as well as those who are curious. The share begins with a short meditation. This is followed with group treatments. A group treatment is defined as one person receiving Reiki simultaneously from one or more practitioners. The group rotates through all those present at the table. A typical share lasts for approximately two hours.
There is no charge for the share, but, you may make a free will offering with proceeds to the Children's Make a Wish Foundation.
Reiki share photo

Singing Bowl Sound Session with
Laurie Lynn Clark

Deepen the relaxation response with Native Flute and Quartz Singing Bowl Sound Attunements (Laurielynnclark.com)
* 1 hour Group Session/ Maximum 5 persons per group/ $25 per person.
Flute music and quartz singing bowl resonances creates a stimulating binaural relationship. Calming and deepening the breaths inhale/exhale exchange while listening to the melodic framework of a variety of pentatonic note sequences of the flute in combination with the resonant consonant and dissonant frequency flow of the crystal quartz singing bowls.
Laurie Lynn Clark (laurielynnclark.com) plays with the intention of deepening one's relaxation response so to stimulate the opening of the body's vital energy centres while breath exercises brings oxygen to the spinal plexuses (Medullary/ cervical/dorsal/lumbar/ sacral/ coccygeal plexuses)
Connect with Laurie to reserve your spot!!

photo of crystal bowls

July Special from A Touch of Sparkle

From Sheryl Deyo of A Touch of Sparkle
✔️ Start with a quick mineral soak followed by an expert nail shaping and cuticle trim end with professional polish of your choice.
✔️ At this time everything is by appointment ONLY and extra time between clients for cleaning.
✅ BOOK YOURS TODAY!! (613) 331-4096
✅ ONLINE AT www.atouchofsparkle.ca
✅ Located within The Lotus Wings Building ~ 30 North St Perth

Sheryl July Special

July Special from Momentous Reiki

50% off Reiki Sessions
Moe will be working Fridays at Lotus wings and is offering 50% off treatments ($40) for the month of July. Please call or text her at (613) 818-5108 to book an appointment or email moerosteius@gmail.com .

Monique "Moe" Rosteius   

July Special from Pinegrove Reiki

During the month of July 2020, Pinegrove Reiki would love to offer a special of $45/hr for each and every Monday during the month in question. Again, Covid-19 safety measures will be in place: face masks, gloves if so inclined, washing of hands before and after each treatment. On-hands treatment will only be done on clothing until the danger of Covid-19 disappears.
Lotus Wings has disinfected all surfaces between each group session, and client visits.
Please call 819-790-1058 to make an appointment with Suzanne!

Suzanne Croteau

July Special from

Reiki Associates

Denise invites you to experience a beautiful, supportive and effective approach to transforming your energy system as you open to higher frequencies. This Reiki Package is designed to integrate and balance your chakra system by clearing and stabilizing each chakra . These sessions are uniquely tailored to your specific needs. The package, Building Foundational Integrity, also works with and supports your energy pathways as the chakras build capacity to channel the higher frequencies.
Cost per package (10 treatments) $560.00
To book this package or for more information:
contact Denise by phone or text 613-913-2803
or email denise@reikiassociates.com