All of The Lotus Wings Practitioners are BACK!!.

All Covid 19 guidelines are being met.

New clinic door
Lotus Wings is open!!
All visitors must have booked appointments with their practitioners. At this point in time we are not allowed walk ins. Anyone entering the building must wear a mask and wash their hands immediately upon entry.
All group activities require a prebooking. Anyone attending the group event must still wear a mask and wash their hands upon entry to the building. We have three guest practitioners this month...Dr. Fadel Behman, Mr. Ken Montizambert and Richard Ravenhawke.

We will also be hosting one Reiki Share and a Singing Bowls Sound Session....remember to reserve your spot before coming.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy,

Reiki Share are Back...

All Covid 19 restrictions will be in place. Only 5 attendees are allowed at this time so please connect with Share Host to reserve a spot.

Suzanne - August 3rd - 819-790-1058
Cindy - August 18th - 613-267-8321
This Reiki Share will follow the format of the successful July share.... social distancing with masks. The share will be a group of 5 or less, sitting in chairs about 6 feet apart. The Share will begin at 7pm with a group meditation that anyone can join. Next, the group will send to one individual at a time from their chair....it will be similar to the receiving person being on a massage table. We will rotate through the group until everyone present has received a session. It will be a slightly different opportunity to experience and practice Reiki.
There is no charge for the share, but, you may make a free will offering with proceeds to the Children's Make a Wish Foundation.
Reiki share photo

August Special from Sheryl Deyo at

A Touch of Sparkle


August Special from Momentous Reiki

50% off Reiki Sessions
Moe will be working Fridays at Lotus wings and is offering 50% off treatments ($40) for the month of August. Please call or text her at (613) 818-5108 to book an appointment or email moerosteius@gmail.com .

Monique "Moe" Rosteius   
Singing Bowl Sound Session with
Laurie Lynn Clark
August 26th from 7pm to 8pm

Deepen the relaxation response with Native Flute and Quartz Singing Bowl Sound Attunements (Laurielynnclark.com)
* 1 hour Group Session/ Maximum 5 persons per group/ $25 per person.

photo of crystal bowls
Psychic Reads and Past Life Reads with Richard Ravenhawke
August 22nd and 23rd
Phone or Text Denise 613-913-2803 for an appointment
Richard Ravenhawke has 36 yrs. experience as a psychic and spiritual guide. Richard was the psychic for the Lava Life Network for 3 years on all 25 of their major markets North American wide.
Richard will give you a reading without the use of any tools. He will simply hold an object (an art called psychometry) and will literally tell you all about your life. Richard is affiliated with, and a member of the AMORC Rosicrucian Order.
Richard Ravenhawke
Sessions with Dr. Fadel Behman
August 29th and 30th
Phone or Text Denise 613-913-2803 for an appointment
Visit Dr Behman to experience the growth of a meaningful lifestyle where the relationship to oneself, loved ones and nature are caring and satisfying.
Visit his website http://www.4energies.org/ for more information about Dr Behman, Ph.D. Dr. Behman's vast expertise involves decades of research and teaching in the human energy field. He developed The Behman Technique of Vibrant Living which enhances emotional and spiritual well-being. He holds a Master’s degree in Medical Physics and a Ph.D. in Therapeutic Counseling.
Dr Fadel Behman