Maureen Sullivan

Reflexology, Reiki and Integrated Energy Therapy Treatments, Hot Basalt Stone Reflexology, Roots & Wings Children’s Series, Women’s groups and workshops, Custom made energy infused crystal pendants
Tree of Life Energy Wellness


Maureen has been working with women and children, as a counsellor in a domestic violence program, for almost 20 years. Through this practice and her own journey of the heart, she was led to begin her exploration of other healing modalities. Maureen is a certified Reflexologist, Reiki Master/Teacher and an Integrated Energy Therapy Pracitioner. Her experience has afforded her a unique combination of understanding the heart as she does the body’s energy field. She has a strong believe in listening silently to the heart vibration in her energy work and allowing that to guide her.

Maureen practices her energy healing as individual modalities but also feels that each one of them, beautifully compliments the other, depending on what you seek emotionally, spiritually and physically.

Among many interests and accomplishments, Maureen is a recent International best seller co -author, sharing her spiritual journey in the book “Guided by the Light, Following Your Angelic Guides”. She has a creative soul and enjoys creating crystal jewellery, painting, gardening and writing. She feels a strong spiritual connection to the earth and believes in the healing power of Mother Earth in helping us balance and connects to ourselves! Maureen regularly practices Earthing and encourages her clients to do so to reap the benefits of the earth’s electromagnetic healing power.

Maureen is dedicated to providing you with a soothing, balancing and energetic experience to feed your mind, body and spirit. She is currently an active member of the Ontario Council of Reflexologists and holds a provider number for some insurance plans. She is available for Reiki, IET and Reflexology sessions Fridays at Lotus Wings and evenings and weekends in her Stittsville/Kanata area healing studio.

To contact Maureen please call 613-304-4247 or email at