The Lotus Wings Diary

November 2017

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This Month at The Lotus Wings Building

Fall is slowly evolving to Winter.  It is a glorious time to be living in much change, with a huge supply of unknown ahead of us.  That really is true for living our lives as well.  The practitioners at The Lotus Wings Building are here to help in anyway we can.  We have a quest practitioner Jocelyn DeVillers, our regulars Indira Dudley and Regi Q, and our full time practitioners...for more information check out the practitioners page

Registered Homeopath Mary Blackmore is offering a Walk In Clinic Thursdays from 11:30 to 1pm. 
We are looking forward to participating in Perth's Festival of Good Cheer.
Remember to drop by the clinic on November 25th to enter a draw for a gift bag worth over $300

Come join us for one or all events to help work out your integrated health protocol. .

All is Well… Denise


Monthly Specials

Beverley Rice, Maureen Sullivan and Denise Carpenter
are offering specials this month!!
Click here to have a look.


Practitioner of the Month Beverley Rice


Space for Rent

The Lotus Wings Building will be offering a virtual office space on Mondays and  Fridays.  This space can be rented by the hour.  If you would like more information on renting this space, please contact Denise. Phone or text 613-913-2803


Please let us know your thoughts for the newsletter.  Any information you may need can be found at or phoning 613-913-2803.