Beverley Gail Rice

BA (Psych), ECE, MA, Counselling.

Counselling/Psychotherapy, Traumatic Incident Reduction, Sandplay Therapy, Mindfulness and Meditation:

Kripalu Massage (yoga based), Reiki:

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               Beverley Gail Rice

My mission it to help people feel peace, pain relief, increased ability to be in the moment, and enter the stillness.

Beverley is a registered psychotherapist (qualifying) who provides services for children, youth and adults who are having emotional and/or behavioural difficulties, suffering from trauma, including PTSD, loss, or stress; or those just wanting to grow and evolve spiritually and find direction in life. The services she offers help you or your child access a deeper level of healing than coping strategies, since the unconscious mind and its wisdom may be accessed through spontaneous imaginative play and symbolism, in a free, and protected space. Talking techniques may also be used to finally release emotional charge from painful events, and the power they have held over you for years, including flash backs, emotional outbursts and nightmares. This can lead to more insights, meaning, aliveness, happiness and success in life. Beverley may also teach mindfulness and meditation to calm your mind and spirit, access your highest self, and build maximum resilience and well being. Some of these techniques are based on Buddhist psychology and brain science showing we can actually rewire our brains to become more resilient and experience less stress in our nervous systems.

Beverley began her own journey of healing and growth with 7 years of personal reclamation and dream work with an aboriginal shamanic counsellor, and took the first year of a shamanic coaching program. Later, her own Jungian based Sandplay Therapy process was instrumental in healing from the death of her beloved shamanic counsellor, and two other major losses. A shamanic vision had foretold that these losses would occur to increase her growth and evolution as a more evolved joyful being. She also realized she was destined to help others in their healing journeys.

She began helping others through yoga based body work, massage, and energy work (Pranic & Reiki) which was very rewarding. She then became captivated by the mystery and magic of Sandplay Therapy which reminded her of her love of dreams, the unconscious and healing symbolism. After a long process of healing and training with sandplay, she began her official business as a wellness practitioner. When Beverley learned a very powerful meditation technique her peace and joy increased, as well as the effectiveness of her treatments. She has complemented her soul’s work with an MA in Counselling Psychology, learned more skills and counselling methods, and become a registered psychotherapist (qualifying).

Beverley obtained her MA in Counselling Psychology from Yorkville University, her BA in Psychology from the University of Waterloo and her Early Childhood Education Diploma from Algonquin College in Ottawa. She is a registered Early Childhood Educator. Beverley’s clinical placement was at a mental health centre for children and families. She provided Sandplay Therapy for children with severe emotional and behavioural issues who attended a treatment classroom, as well as family therapy. The children responded very well. Her final paper outlined the success of Sandplay Therapy with a child diagnosed with oppositional defiant disorder, as well as the discovery of research supporting the effectiveness of sand play and other play therapies with children.

Beverley has had experience counselling adults for family of origin issues with yoga based body work, mindfulness, energy work, and meditation since 1999 and Sandplay Therapy for children and adults since 2009. In 2015 she added an exciting technique called Traumatic Incident Reduction, for resolving traumatic or difficult events, PTSD, bereavement, relationship and career issues. She has received counselling contracts and funding from Victim Services, for those who have experienced an assault, including PTSD; and Options Youth, a therapeutic foster care agency. She has training and experience in suicide intervention and other crisis situations. She has knowledge of family systems, couples therapy and parenting. She has also led social skills groups for children using the Tools for Life approach which teaches children how to get along with others, and helps prevent bullying.

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Beverley is available at Lotus Wings on Tuesdays and by appointment at her home office in Carleton Place on other week days and evenings.