Below are some great specials for this month!

June 2019 Offerings from our Lotus Wings Practitioners

…from Sheryl Deyo…

Sheryl Deyo is the new kid on the block at The Lotus Wings Building. To celebrate she is offering 20% of any service with your first visit.

…from Denise Carpenter…

The 21 Day Reiki Sending Package has been well received with incredible results. This package provides support to anyone or any being in need. So, whether you are short of time, embarking on a new adventure, working to let go of an old behaviour, or working to create a new way of being, this package supports you in this process.

The sendings commence on a mutually agreed upon day and will continue for 20 minutes each day inclusive of the 21st day. The cost is $125.00.

Please contact Denise by phone or text 613-913-2803 or email denise@reikiassociates.com to book your sending!