The Lotus Wings Diary

December 2017

Hello reader


This Month at The Lotus Wings Building

As we come to the final month of the 2017, we the practitioners and retailer at The Lotus Wings Building would like to send our Season's Greetings to you and all those connected to you.  May Your Divine bring you heartfelt peace, joy and compassion.   Wherever you may be on your journey, know that we are here for support as you step into 2018.
All is Well… Denise


Monthly Specials

Beverley Rice, Maureen Sullivan and Denise Carpenter
are offering specials this month!!
Click here to have a look.


Practitioner of the Month Krista Marks-Cleroux


Space for Rent

The Lotus Wings Building will be offering a virtual office space on Mondays and  Fridays.  This space can be rented by the hour.  If you would like more information on renting this space, please contact Denise. Phone or text 613-913-2803


Please let us know your thoughts for the newsletter.  Any information you may need can be found at or phoning 613-913-2803.