Sarah Hood

Sarah Hood RMT

Hello, members of the Lotus Wings community. Some of you may know of me as a massage therapist in Perth over the last 29 years. After 2 years in Toronto being a caregiver to my stepmother, I returned to my work, this time at the Best Western Parkside Spa, only to be faced with lockdowns and then unusual health issues. With these mostly behind me I am delighted to be joining the Lotus Wings health group. I’ll be giving massage treatments on Sundays starting November 12, 2023.

My initial training was at Sutherland-Chan school in Toronto. Swedish massage was the focus: however, in the 42 years since I graduated, I have taken numerous workshops and training sessions. Each one has added to and changed my approach.

Over 5 years, 2013-17, I attended classes at the Anatomy Trains school in Walpole, Maine. The practice of structural integration has been the biggest influence on my work. While I do not practice it exclusively, I am always looking for the imbalances in the muscular pulley system. A muscle is not short and tight in a vacuum but will always be stretching its counterpart muscle beyond its normal range. Finding the imbalances and relieving the tension is what makes this work so rewarding and satisfying. I look forward to introducing you to it.

Please reach me at 613-812-8078 or in order to arrange booking.