Margaret Smith

margaret_PBRN2Margaret Smith

Reflexology, Quantum Touch, PSYCH-K and Law of Attraction Coaching

Over 30 years ago, Margaret completed a six-year program at the Ignatian Centre in Montreal to become a Spiritual Director, while raising her six children.  Margaret has spent her life helping people connect with their Inner Spirit which brings health, happiness and wholeness to the body, mind and soul. She continues to do this work by offering Reflexology, Quantum Touch, PSYCH-K and Law of Attraction Coaching.

Reflexology is a natural healing therapy. It is based on the belief that specific points of the foot correspond to every part, gland, and organ of the body. By applying pressure to these areas, reflexology has a physiological effect on the body.  Reflexology treatments bring clients into a state of total relaxation, a much needed place in our very busy world today. Only when one is quiet and still can we truly find ourselves.

Quantum Touch is a method of natural healing that works with the Life Force Energy of the body to promote optimal wellness. As Margaret uses different breathing techniques while  placing her hands on the areas of need, clients often notice a reduction in pain and an overall feeling of calm.  It’s not unusual for clients to fall asleep.

PSYCH-K is one of Margaret’s favourite modalities.  This modality helps people shift their negative beliefs to ones that are positive.  Through life experience we can come to believe things that are not true about ourselves and the world around us.  Margaret has seen the positive effects of people coming to know that they are truly beautiful, talented, unique creations and once they realize that, there’s no stopping them!

Law of Attraction Coaching was a natural progression from Margaret’s Spiritual Direction. As Margaret evolved, her spirituality evolved as well.  She came to understand who she really is and the knowledge that the Law of Attraction governs the Universe. We are all seeking Happiness and will only truly find it when we connect with our Spirit, and the bonus is the Universe will manifest all our desires!

Margaret can be reached at: 613-791-6634 or

On the web at Symmetry Centre