Barb Hall

Barb Hall, Well-Phoria

Barb is a Reiki Master teacher with a focus on Chakra healing.  She is also a Certified Meditation Instructor, Crystal Healing Practitioner, Life Purpose Coach, Holistic Health Coach and the owner of Well-Phoria.

Focusing on the “Tri-Connection” of healing..  Body, mind and spirit.  To be truly balanced is not just about grounding, it’s the consistent and uninterrupted flow of your energy

Energy is in everything.  The flow is continual but sometimes in our journey, we may find ourselves energetically confined as this perpetual flow of universal energy is temporarily stunted.  Incorporating the use of crystals during your Reiki Session, will raise the overall vibrations and energy on the entire Chakra system,  which helps to open up blockages within the entire body and encourages healing at a cellular level.

Well-Phoria was initially created in 2018 to be an umbrella for the different holistic modalities I have.  However it has welcomed a wonderful addition of hand poured, 100% Soy wax, Crystal candles and jewelry.

To connect with Barb visit her website or email or text 613-464-9109.

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