Monique “Moe” Rosteius   

Monique "Moe" Rosteius   

Monique “Moe” Rosteius, Reiki Master Teacher

Moe is a Reiki Master Teacher at Lotus Wings and is excited to announce that she has added Animal Reiki to her practice. She has completed her Animal Reiki Training and an Interspecies Communication Course where she learned to understand our connection to Nature and all of its creatures more deeply.

Moe knew from an early age that she had healing gifts that not everyone else had and it has been through her practice of Reiki since 2001, that she has realized her dedication to helping people and animals live their best lives. She has developed a strong Reiki foundation and created an in-depth Chakra study course to help you learn about the importance of grounding yourself, about the energies within and outside of yourself and shares with you how to build your own Energy Management Tools to assist you in living a life of peace, love and gratitude. Moe is looking forward to helping you and your animals achieve balance, reduce stress, remove blockages and work with Reiki as a means of self-care. 

Moe is working Fridays at Lotus Wings and also from her home on weekends. She is fully vaccinated and practices safety protocols to protect herself and her clients.

Please contact her to book an appointment by email at or visit

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