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Offerings from our Lotus Wings Practitioners

Building Foundational Integrity from Denise Carpenter of Reiki Associates

I invite you to experience a beautiful, supportive and effective approach to transforming your energy system as you open to higher frequencies. This Reiki Package is designed to integrate and balance your chakra system by clearing and stabilizing each chakra . These sessions are uniquely tailored to your specific needs. The package, Building Foundational Integrity, also works with and supports your energy pathways as the chakras build capacity to channel the higher frequencies.
Cost per package (10 treatments) $560.00
To book this package or for more information:
contact Denise by phone or text
613-913-2803 or email

A Touch of Sparkle with Sheryl Deyo


❄️ Buy $50 Gift Card -Get a $10 Gift Card FREE
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❄️ Buy $200 Gift Card-Get a $55 Gift Card FREE

✔️ At this time everything is by appointment ONLY at this time.💕
CALL OR TEXT TODAY!! (613) 331-4096
✅ ONLINE AT www.atouchofsparkle.ca
✅ Located within The Lotus Wings Building ~ 30 North St Perth

From Mary Blackmore

2020/2021 Enhanced Flu Kits
2020/2021 Enhanced Flu Kits are available now! In these challenging times it is critical to take steps to boost your immune system. The Blackmore Wellness Enhanced Flu kit contains 5 components carefully selected to do just that. The kits contain remedies to last from September through April.

Call Mary Blackmore at (613) 777-8869 or email at mary@blackmorewellnesshomeopathy.com for more details.