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POSTPONED - Advanced Psychic/Mediumship Development Course

May 18, 2020

This is a 5 week event (Meeting 2 hours a week) that will give you all the tools you need to be confident in seeing clients. The cost is $300 per student for the entire 5 week course.
A breakdown of weekly classes is below. This is not a week by week enrollment. This is a complete course and all classes are important.
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In week 1 we will do blind reads. Students will be put in 2 groups, with group 1 being the readers and group 2 being the clients. Reads will be done with closed eyes, not knowing who is being read, and with no feedback or validation. We will also do a specialized meditation.

Week 2 will be platform reads. Each student will stand at the front of the room and do reads for the class. Going to where spirit draws them. We will also work on releasing our blocks.

Week 3 we will practice mini psychic reads on each other, using our tool of choice (tarot, crystals, Oracle cards, tea leaves, etc)

Week 4 we will work with feeling, experiencing, seeing, and building energy. We will also do a specialized meditation.

Week 5, the final week, we will invite the public in to receive free reads from the students. Based on what the student is most comfortable with. Psychic or mediumship reads.

The Lotus Wings Building
30 North Street
Perth, ON K7H 2S7

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