Mary Paterson Blackmore

Mary Paterson Blackmore, HOM, DCHM (Hons.)

Registered Homeopath

Mary is a graduate of the Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine
(CCHM) and has been trained in Classical Homeopathy. She is registered with the College of
Homeopaths of Ontario and is also a member of the Ontario Homeopathic Association.

Homeopathy is a REGULATED health care profession in Ontario and coverage is available from many
insurance companies. Canada Revenue Agency also recognizes Homeopathic treatment as a valid
medical expense for income tax purposes.

Mary believes that wellness begins within. Homeopathy is a natural and effective system of medicine
that stimulates the immune system to help heal the body from the inside out. Every individual has a
different susceptibility to illness and disease. Homeopathic treatment strives to raise the level of
wellness of an individual and reduce susceptibility to disease.

Homeopathy does not suppress symptoms but targets the root cause of the illness, which helps prevent
a recurrence of chronic conditions. Homeopathy is effective in treating chronic conditions such as
chronic pain, migraines and headaches, menstrual problems, menopause, grief and emotional issues,
skin issues, ADD, ADHD, autism, and children’s/women’s/men’s specific conditions.

Homeopathy is also extremely effective in treating a variety of acute conditions such as: colds, flu,
allergies, injuries, falls, bruises, burns, bee stings, insect bites, earaches, toothaches, food poisoning,
digestive issues, colic, nosebleeds, motion sickness, abscesses, shingles, and many more.

Homeopathy is becoming more and more popular in North America as individuals are looking for more
natural solutions for healthcare. It is actually the second most widely used form of medicine in the
world. Canada Revenue Agency has now recognized Homeopathy as a valid medical expense claim.

Mary enjoys promoting the benefits of Homeopathy and feels very strongly about educating people on
the many things it can do. The study of Homeopathy is a life-long journey for Mary. She constantly
studies the health benefits of specific Homeopathic remedies and looks for new ways to find the best
possible treatment for the individual. Mary is a very caring and observant practitioner who always
listens carefully to the individual.

Mary can be reached at (613) 777-8869 or via email at
Visit her website: for more information.

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