Veronica Moore

Veronica Moore, RYT-200, IET Master, Angel Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Remote Energetic Alignment Process (REAP), Crystal Light Healing, Sound Vibration, Meditation, Spiritual Advisor.

Veronica is a new resident to the area, recently moved from Ottawa. Throughout Veronica’s life she always felt that there was something missing and that there was more she was meant to do. After years of practicing and teaching yoga, she gradually discovered that body, mind, and spirituality function truly as one. Her journey led her to a much deeper meaning, and she finally felt as if she was home. Veronica has since successfully guided many others on their path to spiritual awakening and healing.

Veronica would be honoured to guide you on your journey too!

You are not alone. We don’t need to feel alone in our own spiritual life journey. Veronica has been through it, lived it, and healed from it, (although we are always healing).
Veronica offers support, guidance and healing for girls/women of all ages. No matter what age, we all deserve a life of happiness, understanding, joy and love.
Perhaps your daughter is asking spiritual based questions or is talking to ‘imaginary friends’.

Veronica can show you how to best support her.

Are you going through something you don’t understand?
Are you starting to know or feel things that don’t make sense how you know this?
Are you curious about what it means to be spiritual?
Are you wanting to develop and trust your intuition more?
Are you physically tired, unwell, suffer from body aches and pains?

Veronica can help, guide you and work with you.

Veronica will be available Wednesdays and Sundays starting October 6, 2021
You can reach out by email
Visit her website