The Lotus Wings Diary

July 2018

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This Month at The Lotus Wings Building

Woot Woot Summer !! 
Remember to take some time for yourself, to rest and enjoy a slower pace of life during the summer months.  Nature is waiting to nurture you in so many ways.  Indulge...and if you need some help, our practitioners are here just for you.

           All is well....Denise


July 13, 14 and 15

Connect with Denise Carpenter of Reiki Associates, Mary Blackmore of Blackmore Wellness or Margaret Smith of Symmetry Centre at the Stewart Park Festival.  Enjoy a session with these remarkable practitioners in the park while listening to this year's incredible music line up or participate in one of the workshops.  Check out more details for the marketplace here  and the music here.  See you there!!


Practitioner of the Month: 
Denise Carpenter


Monthly Specials

Beverley Rice, Koolz Vapes and Gifts and Denise Carpenter
are offering specials this month!!
Click here to have a look.


Space for Rent

The Lotus Wings Building  offers office space for health practitioners or business Mondays  through Saturday.  The space can be rented by regular leasing, by day rentals or in a virtual office format.  For more information click here or contact Denise. Phone or text 613-913-2803


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