Level II Usui Reiki Training with Moe Rosteius

 Level II Usui Reiki Training with Moe Rosteius
Level II Usui Reiki Training with Moe Rosteius

July 14, 2023

Welcome to Momentous Usui Reiki II Training, where you will take your Reiki journey to the next level.

Momentous Usui Reiki Level II Training -  Friday, July 14th at 9am.

Transform your energy and transform your life with Momentous Reiki’s Usui Reiki Training.  Momentous Reiki offers a comprehensive curriculum for individuals interested in learning about the ancient healing art of Usui Reiki. The training program is designed to take students on a journey from the introductory to advanced levels of Reiki Mastery.

This Usui Reiki Level II class is an 8-hour course that will further develop your ability to channel Reiki energy and teach you additional hand positions for giving Reiki treatments to others. You will also be introduced to the three Reiki Symbols and their uses, including distant healing techniques that allow you to send Reiki energy to those who are not physically present. You will also will explore Reiki Theory regarding energetic realignment, meditation and the Chakra system. You will learn techniques for scanning and beaming, as well as how to build up your energetic abilities. And, of course, you will receive your Usui Reiki Level II attunement, which will deepen your connection to Reiki energy.

By the end of this level, you’ll have a deeper understanding of Reiki and the ability to use Reiki for a wider range of situations and needs.

This course takes 8 hours of in-class instruction and this Level II will be completed after the student performs 20 practical sessions on their own schedule. This level is ideal for those who have completed Reiki Level I and are looking to deepen their practice and expand their skills.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to transform your energy to transform your life and the lives of others. Enroll today by emailing Moe at momentousreiki@gmail.com, or to ask any questions. The cost is $250 and will run from 9am- 5pm.

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