Image result for images new year greetings  While drinking my last rum and egg nog and eating the final crumbs of Christmas cake, I pondered all the possibilities for my 2017 New Year’s Resolutions:  lose weight, pay off debts, write more letters, clean out the linen cupboard… – you know the drill.  Then I thought about past resolutions and how unsuccessful I had been at keeping them (lose weight, exercise more, pay off debts, write more letters, clean out the linen cupboard…).  Why would I do that to myself yet again?  Nevertheless, I made a tentative list in my mind.

Later in bed, as is my wont, I recited the Reiki Principles before I drifted off.  It then occurred to me that any resolution I could conceivably make, could be addressed by one of the Reiki Principles.

For instance:  write more letters.  My Mom was a great one to send little notes in the mail –   a newspaper clipping, a recipe, a thoughtful word.  I loved finding these treasures in the mailbox and always think that it is a such a pleasure to receive some tangible message and not some electronic snippet.  As such, I want to write more letters and share that delight with others. Wouldn’t that be part of BE KIND?  A  “thank you note” would definitely a manifestation of BE GRATEFUL”.

Pay off debts?  That particular activity would certainly stave off WORRY  and perhaps ANGER.

What about those old favourites – lose weight and exercise?  Well, certainly losing weight and exercising would be a KINDNESS to my body. It would also require DILIGENCE and HONESTY to achieve that goal.  Along the way to dropping those pounds I would have to learn not be ANGRY with myself if I went astray.

Clean out the linen cupboard?  I am willing to bet that we all would have lots of under or unused bed sheets and towels to contribute to a women’s shelter.  We can be GRATEFUL  for our bounty while being KIND to those families in need.

I am certain that if you are inclined to make New Year’s Resolutions, they will be easier to keep if you put them in the Reiki Principles framework. And if resolutions are not your thing, just living in the Principles, will bring you success and health in 2017.

Have a good year.