PERTH - Reiki Share with Moe Rosteius

PERTH - Reiki Share with Moe Rosteius

December 9, 2020

Join Moe for a Reiki Share.
All Covid 19 restrictions will be in place.
Only 5 attendees are allowed at this time so please connect with Moe at 613-818-5108 to reserve a spot.

This Reiki Share will follow the format of the successful July share.... social distancing with masks. The share will be a group of 5 or less, sitting in chairs about 6 feet apart. The Share will begin at 7pm with a group meditation that anyone can join. Next, the group will send to one individual at a time from their will be similar to the receiving person being on a massage table. We will rotate through the group until everyone present has received a session. It will be a slightly different opportunity to experience and practice Reiki.

There is no charge for the share, but, you may make a free will offering with proceeds to the Children's Make a Wish Foundation.

The Lotus Wings Building
30 North Street
Perth, ON K7H 2S7

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