Practitioner of the Month – Carolyn Lunn

Carolyn Clunn
Carolyn Clunn

Modalities: Speech-language Pathology Services, Reiki, Reiki Teaching, Reiki Treatments
Business Name: Rideau Lakes Reiki & Carolyn Lunn Speech-language Pathology Services
Phone: 613-283-6663

Carolyn is a registered Speech-language Pathologist (CASLPO) as well as a CRA-registered Usui Reiki Master/Teacher with practices in Smiths Falls and Perth. She is also a trained Jikiden Reiki Practitioner at the Shoden and Okuden Levels (through Sensei Tadeo Yamaguchi). Carolyn’s Reiki journey began in 2004, largely in response to a stressful workplace environment. She has practiced Reiki informally since then, helping family, friends and work colleagues to deal with a variety of physical, mental and emotional issues. Since studying to become a Reiki Master/Teacher in 2007, Carolyn has successfully trained both children and adults to practice Reiki techniques for balance and healing. Having worked at the Upper Canada District School Board as a Speech-language Pathologist since 2001, Carolyn is passionate about encouraging educational staff, students and parents to use Reiki for reducing anxiety and stress levels. She is also interested in researching Reiki benefits for children with special needs (developmental delays, autism, etc.).As Carolyn is currently “semi-retired” from her position at the School Board, she has decided to formalize her Reiki Practice under the business name of Rideau Lakes Reiki. In addition to providing treatment and training in Smiths Falls and at Lotus Wings, Carolyn continues to work 2 days a week with the school board as well as serving private Speech-language Pathology clients. Appointments can be booked at Lotus Wings on Tuesdays (evening appointments available on request) or in Smiths Falls (flexible scheduling to meet the needs of clients) for either modality. House calls are also available for special circumstances.“Reiki has brought physical and emotional balance to my personal life. I am committed to helping others to do the same.”