Discovering the Reiki Connection

By Carolyn Lunn

Carolyn Clunn
Carolyn Lunn

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Blog # 1

I recently had the pleasure of initiating a dear friend into Reiki Practice. Although, at her request, she received the “Cole’s Notes” version of training, the treatment I received from her newly attuned hands was as good as any I have received over the years. Responding to her gentle touch, my head felt icy cold inside and out, my solar plexus burned with sacred fire and my knees were enveloped in loving warmth. Afterwards I continued to feel relaxed and balanced and had a very good night’s sleep. I have no doubt that she will use her training to good purpose in supporting her sister who was recently diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer.
The attunement ceremony whereby the student’s inherent healing ability is activated remains a mystery to me. I can well relate to students who approach the practical part of the class with trepidation. When I was first trained at Level 1 over ten years ago, I remember being intimidated by the number of hand placements. Nonetheless, despite my difficulty just relaxing into the flow, I immediately felt tingling and warmth in my hands as I placed them on a fellow student. Even more interesting, the places where I felt the most sensation corresponded to the “client’s” existing physical issues.
After the Level 1 class I recruited friends and family as “guinea pigs”. These sessions were indispensable in building my confidence and helping me understand how Reiki works to comfort, balance and heal. My daughter who suffers from anxiety enthusiastically embraced the practice, requesting frequent sessions to alleviate work-related stress. Eventually I used my Reiki hands to support my Mum who, like my friend’s sister, had been diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer. Reiki (administered by myself and my two sisters) helped her relax in a time of great stress and allowed her to remain virtually pain-free for the time immediately following the removal of her lung. During the next five years of her life she always welcomed the balancing calm and hope engendered by a compassionate Reiki treatment.
The miracle continues. Usui Sensei’s system of Reiki Practice (Usui Reiki Ryoho) has survived and been passed down through the generations. Though the original system was modified substantially when transported to North America in the 1930’s, the energy remains as vital as ever and can be used by anyone. In fact it lies dormant in the heart of each and every human being, waiting only for activation. I discover this anew with each new group of students.
If you are already a Reiki Practitioner, none of this is surprising to you. If you have not yet discovered your latent healing abilities, why not make 2016 the year you become a Reiki Practitioner? I offer professional, down-to-earth classes that will change your perspective on reality. Check my website for details. I look forward to meeting you soon!