Sessions with Irita Vanaga DHom, ND

 Sessions with Irita Vanaga DHom, ND
Sessions with Irita Vanaga DHom, ND

June 26, 2022

As as graduate of Montreal Institute of Classical Homeopathy, Irita truly believes, that “Health is not simply the absence of disease. It is a true state of physical and mental equilibrium ". Hildegarde von Bingen
In addition,  she has apprenticed with Mr Ken Montizambert to learn the Electrodermal Screening technique.
Electrodermal Screening is a tool she uses, where acupuncture points correlate closely to our body's function, representing organ systems and the body's ability to maintain the equilibrium or state of excess causing inflammation or state of degeneration causing organ malfunction.
Irita works with each individual diligently and narrowly individualizing treatment to one's particular needs. She am truly passionate about the work she does. Irita is driven by helping clients to feel better and reach optimal health goals. The success stories motivate her, challenging cases give her an opportunity for professional growth to expand."
If you would like an appointment, connect with Irita 514-994-4226 or email

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