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Image result for images new year greetings  While drinking my last rum and egg nog and eating the final crumbs of Christmas cake, I pondered all the possibilities for my 2017 New Year’s Resolutions:  lose weight, pay off debts, write more letters, clean out the linen cupboard… – you know the drill.  Then I thought about past resolutions and how unsuccessful I had been at keeping them (lose weight, exercise more, pay off debts, write more letters, clean out the linen cupboard…).  Why would I do that to myself yet again?  Nevertheless, I made a tentative list in my mind.

Later in bed, as is my wont, I recited the Reiki Principles before I drifted off.  It then occurred to me that any resolution I could conceivably make, could be addressed by one of the Reiki Principles.

For instance:  write more letters.  My Mom was a great one to send little notes in the mail –   a newspaper clipping, a recipe, a thoughtful word.  I loved finding these treasures in the mailbox and always think that it is a such a pleasure to receive some tangible message and not some electronic snippet.  As such, I want to write more letters and share that delight with others. Wouldn’t that be part of BE KIND?  A  “thank you note” would definitely a manifestation of BE GRATEFUL”.

Pay off debts?  That particular activity would certainly stave off WORRY  and perhaps ANGER.

What about those old favourites – lose weight and exercise?  Well, certainly losing weight and exercising would be a KINDNESS to my body. It would also require DILIGENCE and HONESTY to achieve that goal.  Along the way to dropping those pounds I would have to learn not be ANGRY with myself if I went astray.

Clean out the linen cupboard?  I am willing to bet that we all would have lots of under or unused bed sheets and towels to contribute to a women’s shelter.  We can be GRATEFUL  for our bounty while being KIND to those families in need.

I am certain that if you are inclined to make New Year’s Resolutions, they will be easier to keep if you put them in the Reiki Principles framework. And if resolutions are not your thing, just living in the Principles, will bring you success and health in 2017.

Have a good year.





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Gift Certificates are available for Reiki, Reflexology, IET,  and custom made crystal pendants.

Purchase two or more gift certificates and receive 20% off each.

Until December 30, book a Reflexology session and receive an additional heart felt 20 minute face reflexology. Rejuvenate and give yourself a winter glow.

To contact Maureen please call 613-304-4247 or email at maureen.morningdove@gmail.com



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Krista Marks-Cleroux

Krista Marks-Cleroux

Modalities: Certified Infant Massage, Certified Infant Massage Instruction, Massage for Breast and Abdominal Organ Health, Swedish Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Registered Massage Therapy

Krista Marks-Cleroux, RMT, graduated from Sir Sandford Fleming College, with honours, in 1999 and brings 16 years of experience to the table.

Krista has a long standing practice with the The Perth Family Health Centre. In addition, she is now offering treatments at Lotus Wings.

She has been a Certified Infant Massage Instructor since 2007 and enjoys facilitating workshops for the Ontario Early Years Centre, The Health Unit and local Community Health Clinics.

Krista had the privilege of working in Palliative Care as a Volunteer Hospice Coordinator from 2005-2008 at Community Home Support Lanark County, an inspiring compliment to her practice.

Her appreciation for Body Work continues to deepen with the experience of providing touch for persons at every stage of development and level of activity, from birth to death.

Krista blends Swedish Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Reiki and Massage for Breast and Abdominal Organ Health. Each massage is customized to improve and manage Musculoskeletal/Myofascial and mental/emotional stress, enhance healing and physical performance, prevent injury and accomplish your self-care goals.

“The Root of Health is in the brain.

The trunk is the emotion.

The branches and leaves are the body.

The flower of health blooms when all parts work together”

Kurdish Folk Wisdom

“Massage has had a positive effect on every Medical condition we’ve looked at.”

Tiffany Field Ph.D.

Director, Touch Research Institute, University of Miami

To contact Krista, phone 613-812-3385 or email KMCRMT@hotmail.com

By Amanda Tyler 

Amanda Tyler

Amanda Tyler

A balanced and coherent heart chakra is reflected in the ability to accept ourselves, other people and all types of situations.
Our heart chakra resonates the theme of balance at all levels. Making conscious choices that create balance in our life aligns us with the abundance of the Universe and the fulfillment of our highest intentions.
The element associated with this chakra is Air. Air flows from areas of high pressure towards areas of low pressure, always seeking a state of balance. Like air, the heart chakra strives to bring harmony between external stimuli and internal emotions.
Harmony begins with the self and then resonates outwards towards others. We are in harmony with ourselves when we nurture ourselves with love, acceptance and respect, always taking responsibility for our actions. It is then that we can be in harmony with others as love is the central force that aligns us all. One way to balance our heart chakra is through a loving kindness meditation.
It is helpful while using this style of meditation to hold the intention of surrounding ourselves and others with loving kindness. This meditation also can be effective for lessening the charge of negative emotions.
As arms and hands are the executors of the heart chakra energy, begin by placing your hands over your heart. Next, breathe gently and think silently to yourself, or say aloud,
May I be filled with loving kindness.
May I be well.
May I be happy.
May I be peaceful and at ease.
Bring someone into your mind (someone you love and/or someone who you are feeling challenged by) and repeat,
May you be filled with loving kindness.
May you be well.
May you be happy.
May you be peaceful and at ease.
Next, bring all of humanity into your awareness and send out the same intention.
May we be filled with loving kindness.
May we be well.
May we be happy.
May we be peaceful and at ease.
When we are able to achieve some kind of balance between ourselves and all things outside of ourselves we open the way for openness and acceptance of the world.
Love and light,

Amanda Tyler

Amanda Tyler

Modalities: Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET), Reiki, Reiki Treatments
Business Name: Wings of Light Wellness
Email: wingsoflightwellness@hotmail.com
Phone: 613-812-8158
Website: www.wingsoflight.ca

Amanda is a Usui Reiki Master Practitioner and an Advanced Integrated Energy Therapist with a Bachelor of Concurrent Education from Trent/Queen’s University. Amanda has always been passionate about healing, learning and teaching. She began studying healing modalities as a tool for personal self-development, and today has a formalized full time practice. Reiki and IET are beautiful compliments to one another. Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET), is a modality that supports the clearing of energy blockages and suppressed cellular memories from the human energy field. Using the IET core cellular memory map and IET integration points, trapped emotions such as guilt, distrust, shame, threat, lack of confidence, heartache, resentment, anger, stress, and fear are released and are gently replaced with their positive counterparts- innocence, trust, confidence, support, freedom, love, forgiveness, empowerment, and safety. This process supports the rebalancing of energy and self-healing at all levels; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. It brings personal empowerment and helps one to embrace and enact their soul’s mission. It is Amanda’s passion to serve as a compassionate channel for healing energy and to support others in obtaining a natural state of peace, well-being, spiritual growth and evolution. Amanda offers Reiki and IET treatments on Mondays at Lotus Wings in Perth and daily at her home studio in Lanark Highlands. Please contact Amanda at 613-812-8158 or email wingsoflightwellness@hotmail.com.

By Carolyn Lunn

Carolyn Clunn

Carolyn Lunn

Modalities: Usui and Jikiden Reiki Treatment and Usui Reiki Training
Business Name: Rideau Lakes Reiki
E-mail: carolynlunn@rideaureiki.com
Phone: 613-283-6663
Website: www.rideaureiki.com

Blog # 1

I recently had the pleasure of initiating a dear friend into Reiki Practice. Although, at her request, she received the “Cole’s Notes” version of training, the treatment I received from her newly attuned hands was as good as any I have received over the years. Responding to her gentle touch, my head felt icy cold inside and out, my solar plexus burned with sacred fire and my knees were enveloped in loving warmth. Afterwards I continued to feel relaxed and balanced and had a very good night’s sleep. I have no doubt that she will use her training to good purpose in supporting her sister who was recently diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer.
The attunement ceremony whereby the student’s inherent healing ability is activated remains a mystery to me. I can well relate to students who approach the practical part of the class with trepidation. When I was first trained at Level 1 over ten years ago, I remember being intimidated by the number of hand placements. Nonetheless, despite my difficulty just relaxing into the flow, I immediately felt tingling and warmth in my hands as I placed them on a fellow student. Even more interesting, the places where I felt the most sensation corresponded to the “client’s” existing physical issues.
After the Level 1 class I recruited friends and family as “guinea pigs”. These sessions were indispensable in building my confidence and helping me understand how Reiki works to comfort, balance and heal. My daughter who suffers from anxiety enthusiastically embraced the practice, requesting frequent sessions to alleviate work-related stress. Eventually I used my Reiki hands to support my Mum who, like my friend’s sister, had been diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer. Reiki (administered by myself and my two sisters) helped her relax in a time of great stress and allowed her to remain virtually pain-free for the time immediately following the removal of her lung. During the next five years of her life she always welcomed the balancing calm and hope engendered by a compassionate Reiki treatment.
The miracle continues. Usui Sensei’s system of Reiki Practice (Usui Reiki Ryoho) has survived and been passed down through the generations. Though the original system was modified substantially when transported to North America in the 1930’s, the energy remains as vital as ever and can be used by anyone. In fact it lies dormant in the heart of each and every human being, waiting only for activation. I discover this anew with each new group of students.
If you are already a Reiki Practitioner, none of this is surprising to you. If you have not yet discovered your latent healing abilities, why not make 2016 the year you become a Reiki Practitioner? I offer professional, down-to-earth classes that will change your perspective on reality. Check my website for details. I look forward to meeting you soon!

Carolyn Clunn

Carolyn Clunn

Modalities: Speech-language Pathology Services, Reiki, Reiki Teaching, Reiki Treatments
Business Name: Rideau Lakes Reiki & Carolyn Lunn Speech-language Pathology Services
Email: carolynlunn@rideaureiki.com
Phone: 613-283-6663
Website: www.rideaureiki.com

Carolyn is a registered Speech-language Pathologist (CASLPO) as well as a CRA-registered Usui Reiki Master/Teacher with practices in Smiths Falls and Perth. She is also a trained Jikiden Reiki Practitioner at the Shoden and Okuden Levels (through Sensei Tadeo Yamaguchi). Carolyn’s Reiki journey began in 2004, largely in response to a stressful workplace environment. She has practiced Reiki informally since then, helping family, friends and work colleagues to deal with a variety of physical, mental and emotional issues. Since studying to become a Reiki Master/Teacher in 2007, Carolyn has successfully trained both children and adults to practice Reiki techniques for balance and healing. Having worked at the Upper Canada District School Board as a Speech-language Pathologist since 2001, Carolyn is passionate about encouraging educational staff, students and parents to use Reiki for reducing anxiety and stress levels. She is also interested in researching Reiki benefits for children with special needs (developmental delays, autism, etc.).As Carolyn is currently “semi-retired” from her position at the School Board, she has decided to formalize her Reiki Practice under the business name of Rideau Lakes Reiki. In addition to providing treatment and training in Smiths Falls and at Lotus Wings, Carolyn continues to work 2 days a week with the school board as well as serving private Speech-language Pathology clients. Appointments can be booked at Lotus Wings on Tuesdays (evening appointments available on request) or in Smiths Falls (flexible scheduling to meet the needs of clients) for either modality. House calls are also available for special circumstances.“Reiki has brought physical and emotional balance to my personal life. I am committed to helping others to do the same.”